A Tree Grows in My Heart ——Sky Song

    When we first talk about the “tree”, which adjective would you use to describe it? Strong, stately or thriving? All of them are the best descriptions for a tree because they give us the general impression of a tree. I recently read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”. When I first saw the name of the book, I had no clue that it is a story about how a girl fights for her life and finally wins the battle between her struggles and her fate. I read with a lot of interest and curiosity. I learned so much and was very touched by the book

    The story took place in the beginning of the 20th century in Brooklyn, New York. The main character Francie, was born in a poor family. Her father Johnny loved her very much but he could not carry the many responsibilities and pressures of life, so he became an alcoholic and died young. Francie’s mother Katie had to take care of the whole family on her own. Katie loved Francie’s brother Neeley much more than her daughter. Our heroine grew up in an environment without enough love and care. Francie has a firm faith in her heart and always chases what she desires. Francie won in the fight between her struggles and her fate. She used to be very lonely, disappointed and have all the worries that teenagers have right now. She still chose to chase her dreams and finally became the person she wanted to be.

    My first discussion point is “Growing Up”. The novel told us about Francie’s process of growing up. It showed us how she grew from a lonely little girl to a mature confident young lady. When I was reading “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, I realized that I have experienced some similar feelings about things just like Francie. It’s like we were growing up together. Francie felt very lonely because she didn’t know how to communicate with the other kids when she was young. At the same time, she didn’t get enough love and support from her parents. Francie and I are quite similar in this aspect. Everybody knows that I am an international student. None of my family or friends from home are here with me. Although I came to Montreal last year, I still do not feel like a part of a group of Canadian kids. Sometimes I feel really alone! I might not talk much but that does not mean that I don’t want to participate. I know that I am a really cool person because I can survive without my parent’s company and fight for what I want which is just like Francie.

    My next point would be “Education”. Education should be the most important topic for everyone. Katie realized the importance of education, so Francie and Neeley were brought up listening to stories from the “Bible” and Shakespeare. That is why when they spoke to people and thought about things, they seemed more grown up than other kids. Francie was an amazing reader. She spent all of her time alone with her books. The desire to read and learn led her to become the person she wanted to be. I came to Canada to have a different kind of education in order to see and learn more things which I would never get a chance to experience before. Without education, I would never be able to write these things in English. Because of Fancie’s education, she became smarter, confident and successful. I am being educated by two very different cultures and I believe in my heart that I will become the “ideal young lady” someday in the future.

    I still have many points beside these two. Sometimes when I read a certain part of the book, I was so touched that I nearly cried… I know that as a teenager, I am like an explorer of this enormous world. I will face a lot of different challenges in order to gain experience. I am growing with a clear positive direction facing different challenges. Can you guess which living things also grow up this way? Trees! Trees are strong, stately and thriving. I still remember at the end of the story, there was a tree growing in the yard of Francie’s old house. This tree “came back to life” after a serious fire. No one thought it could still come back to life. The tree grew again through the pain firmly and fearlessly. The tree is just like the faith which is stored and grows in Francie’s heart.

    I know this tree does not only grow in Brooklyn, it also grows deep in my heart. It is sprouting firmly and fearlessly.